Shoe Fiend

I have a thing for shoes.  That shouldn’t be too surprising, most women do.  My thing for shoes runs the gamut of sneakers, pumps, boots, sandals, flats, platforms, booties, mules, slingbacks and even rain boots.  Even worse, when it comes to designer shoes, I get giant saucer eyes.  When I see something I like, I immediately get giddy.  And to prevent myself from making impulse purchases, I’ve managed to control my spending by not buying things right away.  I usually wait a day or two, sometimes a week or so, and once the lust has passed, I make a rational decision.  But this week something went wrong.  I suddenly remembered I saw a pair of shoes I really liked and could not remember where I had seen them and who made them.  I went online and visited all my usual haunts.  No luck.  Maybe they were an add-on item in the dress category.  Nope.  Maybe they were at another website?  Uh uh.  Where the deuce were these shoes?!  I couldn’t find them anymore.  Maybe they were sold out.  I pouted.  Until today when on another shoe search I saw an image that sparked my memory.  Jimmy Choo.  Of course.  The ones I had been searching for were a pair I had seen during my last Jimmy Choo drool-fest.  Happy, I clicked to the site, ready to buy and guess what?  My size is sold out.  Figures.

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