See the World in Butterflies Sunglasses

Whether you are a Manhattan diva or California girl, you are going to need to protect your eyes at one time or another.  Just be sure that you are not caught wearing those black, space invader glasses that your grandpa has.  You know the ones I am talking about.  You could go for a basic aviator with thin metal frames, which would be perfectly acceptable.  Although, don’t you want to be more than acceptable?  The way to do this is to opt for a bit more flair.  Try the Ed Hardy Butterflies Sunglasses and you will not be disappointed.  Not only do they feature brilliant, sparkling butterflies in a multitude of colors at the sides but the white frames are molded into a large, artistic shape.  Behind these amazing shades, you will be nothing short of fabulous, and will probably never want to take them off.

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