I love sales.  Clearance sale, garage sale, shoe sale, pre-sale, half yearly sale, additional sale, BOGO sale, end of year sale, holiday sale, seasonal sale, outlet sale, closeout sale, sample sale and whatever other kind of retail sale I forgot to include – love them all.  The word “sale” itself is a source of delight.  It might even be my most favorite word.  I  like knowing that I avoided having to pay full price, as though I beat out everyone else for being able to get something for less than what they paid.  It’s a little shopping victory.  But my love for sales doesn’t mean I go out hunting for every single sale and buy stuff I don’t need, and it doesn’t mean I’m a cheapskate who won’t ever pay the full price. I just like finding things I love and having the additional thrill of getting it for less, that’s all.  And if it happens to not be on sale, well, I’d probably buy it anyway.

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