Magic Number

How many pairs of jeans is too many pairs of jeans??  I’ve been on a shopping diet lately but still peruse my usual online shopping haunts and always find myself looking at jeans.  And not only do I look at jeans, I usually find ones that I like.  I don’t lose jeans, I don’t put holes in them or stain them with grease – I have a nice assortment that I’ve built up over the years from taking good care of them – so it’s not like I need a new pair.  But for me, being in fashion, I notice the little details and as the saying goes, the difference is in the details.  I can make up all kinds of reasons/excuses as to why one pair is different/better than another, and thus I always have a reason to get a new pair of jeans.  But back to my initial question, how many is too many?  And the old jeans you still have from a decade ago but never wear don’t count.  I’m asking about the ones in current circulation for every day consideration.  I’m asking not because I need to set a personal limit, but because I’m just plain curious what everyone thinks.

Note: Celebrities with their giant closets and limitless budgets are barred from consideration when answering this question.

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