Elizabeth and James

Considering the Olsen twins started their careers in TV and commercials, it was kind of surprising that they entered into the world of fashion and started their own clothing line.  Granted, they were always spotted on the red carpet and everyone talked about what they wore, but honestly I was a little doubtful when I heard they were launching their clothing line, “Elizabeth and James”.  Named after their siblings, the brand is actually one that I have come to really like.  I don’t like all their pieces, but there are certainly things in every collection that I ogle until I appease my fashion desires and just buy the damn thing.  Their style is feminine, eclectic, whimsical, chic sometimes bohemian but always trendy. I like that it’s not too trendy or too flashy, nothing that’s a fad and will be over in two months.  Some of their pieces can actually use considered staples for the closet.  The quality is pretty decent too.  Looks like the twin fashionistas know what they’re doing.  Not bad ladies, not bad at all.

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