Elite Lit.

I have a strange interest in large coffee table books.  But not just any coffee table book will do.  For me, they’d have to be about fashion and, more specifically, they’d have to be about couture fashion.  The world of haute couture is full of exquisite designs that are uber-luxurious and prime examples of creative talent and fashion mastery.  To say they’re beautiful would be an understatement.   The photos in these large volumes speak for themselves and flipping through one makes me sigh.  I know that they’re not meant to be worn in everyday life and that no one would buy them because of the usual 5-digit price tag, but these garments of like works of art.  The same way an art enthusiast would discern the use the colors, brush strokes and technique, I admire the craftsmanship, fabrics and design.  Fashion is my kind of art.

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