Buxom Lips

I have walked miles upon miles in search of the perfect lip gloss.  I love sparkle, and I prefer some real color as opposed to the sheer ones.  Usually, the sparkle is all wrong.  Either it is close to invisible or it contains giant flecks of tacky-looking glitter, similar to what children use in their craft projects.  I also love the idea of fuller lips, but most plumping glosses cause the lips to burn.  They use the same ingredients as what is injected through a bee sting.  So, I have always preferred thinner lips so that I don’t have to feel like I am being stung all day.

Recently, I found the perfect lip gloss.  It was quite a magical experience.  First of all, it has an adorable pink color that is not too sheer.  Most importantly, the sparkle is divine!  It appears as if you have sprinkled diamond dust onto your lips with the perfect amount of shimmer.  This is a plumping gloss, but it does not burn.  Instead you feel a wonderfully refreshing cool feeling, like a peppermint patty has been smeared on your lips without the messy chocolate look.

This magic gloss?  Buxom Lips from i.d. Bare Escentuals.  The delicate pink that I speak of is called April, but they have other wonderful colors, as well.  Remember: The right lip gloss can take you anywhere you want to go.

Glossy Pink Lips

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