Ahhh, Sweet Silence

Sometimes, life is just too noisy.  Whether it’s the dogs next door, the kids outside, the coworkers near your desk, the baby on the plane, the neighbor downstairs, sometimes you just want to tune everything out and enjoy some peace and quiet.  Well, you can’t always submerse yourself in a pool and you can’t voluntarily turn your hearing on and off.  So what did the fine people at Bose do?  They invented Noise Canceling Headphones.  I’ve never actually tried these (I read the demos are covered in germs) but I’ve been told they work really well.  It’s like being enclosed in a nice little bubble.  And even though they’re headphones, you don’t actually have to be playing music.  You can just turn on the noise canceling function and erase all the background noise.  Bliss!

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